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The Coaster Dynamics download requires 5.6 Mb... and about 12 Mb of disk space when installed on your computer.
To install Coaster Dynamics you will need a program, such as WinZip, that can read "zip" format files. If you do not have such a program already installed on your computer, click here to go to WinZip's website. There, you can download a free evaluation copy of WinZip.

System Requirements:   Coaster Dynamics will run on a PC with Windows 7, Vista, XP or 95/98/Me. A sound card with speakers, and a 300 MHz Pentium 2, or better, is recommended.

Software Download Instructions:
  1. Click on the button below to begin the download. When you begin, be sure to make a note of the folder where the file will be stored, so that you can find it afterwards.

  2. When the installation file has been completely downloaded, use Windows Explorer to move to the folder where the "" file was stored. Double-click on "" to extract the software. If using the WinZip program, be sure to use the "All files" and "Use folder names" options when you extract the files.

  3. After the software is extracted to your disk, use Windows Explorer to find the "CoasterDynamics" folder. Double-click on "CoasterDynamics" to move into that folder, and then double-click again on the "Install" folder.

  4. Find "installCD.exe", and then double-click on it to begin the installation. This program will guide you through the simple installation steps. Please be sure to read the information about each step carefully before proceeding.

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