Coaster Dynamics: Privacy Policy
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Cyclone Software is committed to ensuring the privacy of all personal information collected from our customers.
Cyclone Software requests the following information when registering Coaster Dynamics:

  1. Full Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Computer System ID number.

This information is used to derive a Software License Password, which limits the execution of Coaster Dynamics to the computer specified by the user. The System ID number also allows Cyclone Software to transfer the user's Software License to a different computer. Additionally, this information is used to:
  1. Track and verify Software License payments
  2. Maintain an accurate database of Registered Users, so that they may be contacted via email regarding software issues affecting Coaster Dynamics
  3. Alert Registered Users of product upgrades, special offers, or update information regarding Coaster Dynamics.
Cyclone Software will not, under any circumstances, provide any of your personal information to any person, organization, or other entity outside of Cyclone Software. Your Personal Information is for internal use only.

At any time, you may send email to and request that any or all of your personal information that we have on record be removed. It will be removed as soon as reasonably possible. By doing so, you will no longer remain a Registered User of Coaster Dynamics.

If payment is made online, Cyclone Software utilizes the services of Cardservices International, Inc, which further utilizes the services of Visa International and MasterCard International, Incorporated. These companies are independent corporations which adhere to their own Privacy Policies. Cyclone Software is a customer of these companies, and thus, has no control of their access to, or use of, any personal information you disclose to them.

Information about these companies, and their Privacy Policies are available at these websites:
If you are uncomfortable in any way with the Privacy Policies of these companies, or any other company which may be utilized in connection with the online payment service, Cyclone Software recommends that any payments be made via check or money order. Cyclone Software assures that your personal information will remain internal, and will only be used for the purposes outlined above.

If you have any concerns regarding Cyclone Software's Privacy Policy, or feel at any time that we have not adhered to our principles, please send email to, and we will make every reasonable effort to correct the problem.
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